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Bitterroot Ranch
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Dubois, Wyoming 82513
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Approved by the British Horse Society for horseback riding holidays.
Approved by the
British Horse Society
for riding holidays.
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Ranch Horses and Arabian Breeding Program

# Bitterroot Ranch horses are rounded up early each morning and brought into the ranch corral.

A Dude Ranch with a Unique Equestrian Focus

Life at Bitterroot Ranch revolves around our wonderful horses. Their selection, breeding, training and care are of paramount importance and consume most of our energy throughout the year so that we can offer you the best possible horseback riding vacation. Many of our horses have been born on the ranch. They socialize naturally in a herd environment and are released every afternoon to roam in a large pasture until they are gathered the next morning.

Our ranch herd is made up of many different breeds including Quarter Horses, Mustangs, Percherons, Appaloosas and some lovely Welsh ponies as well as Spanish and CMK Arabians who we raise and train at the Ranch.

"Your horses are responsive and attentive to the rider. They are more like private horses, not what one would expect on a dude ranch."
--Carlota Vollhardt, CT

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Arabian Horse Breeding Program

For many years, we have bred and raised friendly, sensible, purebred Spanish and CMK Arabians which have proved excellent for trail riding and herding cattle as well as taking jumps on our cross country course. In training our young arabian horses, we use the non-confrontational techniques of Linda Tellington-Jones who has been coming to the ranch for many years to start our young Arabians.

I’ve changed my preconceptions of Arabs – your Arabs are so lovely by disposition.
-- Irene Gordon, UK