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Horse Sites & Resources

Please visit these sites for horse-related information:

Visit http://www.equitours.com/horseback-riding-destinations/north-america/united-states/arizona/ for horseback riding and cattle drives in Arizona.

TTeam offers equestrians a kinder gentler method of horsemanship that cultivates the amazing bonds of communication and understanding between horse and rider. Linda Tellington Jones, the founder of TTeam  has been conducting horse training clinics at the Bitterroot Ranch for the last 15 years.

Visit dude-ranches-for-vacations.com for advice on picking the ideal dude ranch vacation.

The Long Riders’ Guild provides an extensive collection of books and information on equine travel and other interesting equestrian links.

Get the current Dubois, WY weather at the Bitterroot Ranch.

Wind River Transportation Authority offers a variety of transportation services in and around Fremont County and Central Wyoming.

Dubois, WY, is home to the fascinating and interactive National Bighorn Sheep Center.

Duett Deutsche Sattlerei for saddles especially designed for wide horses.

Horse Gifts: American Saddlebred Horses - and all breeds: Sculpture in many media by Patricia Crane plus an uncommon range of equine collectibles.


Other Horse related resources:

Barrel Racing - A unique assortment of websites all related to barrel racing: barrel racing clinics, horses for sale and much more.

Clubs and Organizations - related to horses, riding and equestrian activities.

Dressage - The perfect unity of human being and horse, elegance and beautiful lightness are distinguishing features of the professionals in this sport.

Equestrian and Horse Publications - magazines and books about horses and equestrian activities.

Equestrian and Horse Information and Directories - Directories of links to horse-related websites, horse farms, stallions and breeding programs, livestock sites.

Equine and Horse Art - a large assortment of western and horse art.

Equine and Horse Health Care - everything related to horse health care.

Equine News and Services - dozens of websites from Ranches to Paso Fino Horses and everything in between.

Equine and Horse Lover Gifts & Shopping - Horse gifts, western jewelry, clothing, art, statues and much more.

Horse Breeders: Andalusians - horses of Spanish origin with a high-stepping gait.

Horse Breeders: Appaloosas - a breed of rugged saddle horses developed in western North America and usually having a white or solid colored coat with small spots.

Horse Breeders: Arabians - a swift compact horse developed in Arabia and usually having gray or chestnut silky hair.

Horse Breeders: Canadian Horses - Links and information about the French Canadian Horses. Also known as the “Little Iron Horse.”

Horse Breeders: Donkeys - equus asinus, patient but stubborn domesticated animal similar to a horse.

Horse Breeders: Friesians - one of the oldest horses in Europe, indigenous to what is now the Netherlands, and in the past used in warfare by medieval knights and seventeenth-century calvary leaders.

Horse Breeders: Gaited Horses - including Spotted Saddle and Tennessee Walking horses.

Horse Breeders: Miniatures - horses measuring no more than 34 inches in height at maturity, and looking like Quarter Horses, Arabs, Thoroughbreds and Draft Horses.

Horse Breeders: Morgan Horses - Morgan Horse Associations, Morgan Horses for sale, Morgan Horse Classifieds and more.

Horse Breeders: Mules - Mules are a cross between a male ass (jack) and a female horse (mare).

Horse Breeders: Newfoundland Ponies - North America’s lone member of the Mountain and Moorland. An “all purpose” pony which is a Heritage animal and a Rare breed.

Horse Breeders: Paint Horses - part of the herds of wild horses that roamed the western deserts and plains, and cherished by cowboys and American Indians

Horse Breeders: Paso Fino Horses - Are you a part of the “Paso Fino Community”? You can find all the Paso Fino information that you need here.

Horse Breeders: Performance Horses - horses having a slow Corto, with a short stride and rapid footfall.

Horse Breeders: Peruvian Horses - The ultimate pleasure horse-The Peruvian, with its four-beat lateral gait. The Peruvian will give its rider the smoothest ride in the world. It’s ancestors were the horses of the Spanish Conquistadors.

Horse Breeders: Quarter Horses - horses with a stocky, broad chest, with well-muscled hindquarters and a compact body. The head is short and wide and the eyes wide-set. The cannons are short and the hocks should be flat and low set.

Horse Breeders: Sport Horses - warmblooded, powerful and balanced horses with good bone and elastic gaits

Horse Breeders: Stallion Directories - Looking for a stallion? Here you can find links to hundreds of stallions in many different breeds.

Horses for Sale: Classifieds - sites for those looking to buy a horse

Horse Supplies and Services - a large collection of helpful services related to horses.

Horse Tack - saddles, bridles and other tack related resources.

Horse Training - Training centers, breeding and boarding facilities from all around.

Riding Clubs and Organizations

Team Penning and Cutting Horses - Find quality team penning and cutting horses for sale.

Therapeutic Riding Centers - Safe reliable riding centers for any person who has lived without an advantage. Help them see the ability in themselves.

Western Riding Apparel - western hats, buckles, boots, and everything else to wear.


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