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Horse Pack Trips in Wyoming

The Bitterroot Ranch has an ideal location for horse pack trips into the spectacular wilderness of Wyoming. The Ranch borders the Shoshone National Forest which extends to the borders of Yellowstone National Park and is part of the largest wild ecosystem remaining in the lower 48 states.

Pack trips enable you to explore the more remote parts of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem near the Continental Divide. The best way to experience the full majesty of this country is by traveling on horseback with pack animals to set up camps in the heart of the wilderness. A cook and wrangler provide excellent service.

The route of your pack trip takes you over spectacular Wyoming mountain passes of between 11,000 and 12,000 feet and through pristine valleys with little human presence. The mighty rivers of America have their beginnings here as tiny springs. Each valley has its own distinct character with meadows of lupine in one and craggy cliffs in another. On longer pack trips we will camp in the same spot for two nights to allow guests to ride out for the day, hike, fish, or just relax. This wonderful adventure provides an opportunity to see this glorious, untamed western landscape which is unchanged since the early explorers found it.

Guests staying at the ranch can book a two- or three-day pack trip.**


We had a tremendous time on the trip! We rode wonderful horses, amid spectacular scenery and camped in real wilderness. It couldn't have been better. The crew found that elusive balance between sensible safety and having a fun adventure. Chris Allen U.K.

Washakie Wilderness Pack Trip

Day 1 Arrive at the Bitterroot Ranch for overnight accommodation. In the evening you will meet your guide and prepare for your adventure into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest intact wilderness areas left in the world (any gear you won't need on the trip can be left at the ranch).

Day 2 Mount your well trained and experienced horse in the morning and ride into the remote Absaroka Mountain range with a string of pack horses carrying a week's worth of food and supplies. By lunch time you will have left the last dirt road far behind as the route winds through alpine meadows filled with wildflowers, along sparkling mountain streams, and over mountain passes far above tree line with views that seem to stretch to eternity. It is not unusual to spend an entire pack trip without passing another person on the trail. Camp the first night near the head of the East Fork of the Wind River and enjoy your first dinner cooked over the wood fire, a meal made all the more delicious by an appetite built by the day's adventures.

Day 3 Today's route takes you over the first mountain pass of the trip. As we ride above timber line there are often big herds of elk grazing on the tender grass. If you listen carefully you might hear the distinctive chip of the young elk calves calling to their mothers. In the afternoon the trail descends into the head of Bear Creek and you will spend the night surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks.

Day 4 An early start as today is the longest day of the pack trip. We will traverse spectacular mountain ranges with superb views and cross over the little traveled Bug Creek Pass. You may see eagles soaring and big horned sheep perched on the incredibly steep sides of the mountains. In the afternoon the trail takes us into the green meadows of Caldwell Basin, a long, narrow valley ringed by steep mountains and thick forests. A lovely trout stream runs through the valley and you will very likely never want to leave this magical spot.

Day 5 The camp will remain in Caldwell Basin until the following day so you can ride out to explore this magnificent valley without the pack horses, go fishing (this place has some of the best fishing in the Rockies for wild trout), or just relax and enjoy the country around camp.

Day 6 Climb out of Caldwell Basin heading eastward. In the morning you will have spectacular views of the sheer cliff faces of the mountains above the Wiggins Fork Creek and in the afternoon you will return to a lower section of Bear Creek.

Day 7 Today you will ride back out of the wilderness towards the Bitterroot Ranch. It is the first permanent human habitation you will have seen for six days. Dinner and overnight back at the ranch.

Day 8 Depart in the morning after breakfast.


**This itinerary may be modified to adapt to weather conditions, grazing quality, or other unforeseeable circumstances**

Meeting Point Riverton or Jackson
Length 8 days - 7 nights - 6 days riding
Price $2,625        ($300 single supplement)
3% discount for checks
** 2- or 3-Day Pack Trip (while staying at ranch) $50.00 per day extra
Transfer Charge Airport transfers additional.Please call for information.
Week-long Dates Available Dates: August 10-17
Riders Min 4 - Max 6
2-3 Day Riders Min 4 - Max 6
Riding Per Day 6 - 7 hours
Pace Mostly Slow, Sometimes Challenging
Tack Western
Horses Local Ranch Bred