Shoshone 3 Day Pack Trip

Program Dates: Available on a custom basis in July and August.
Program Cost: $50 extra per day.

The Bitterroot Ranch has an ideal location for horse pack trips in Wyoming’s spectacular wild land.



The 3 day pack trip is included as a part of a regular week long stay at the ranch. The first four days of your experience will take place at the ranch with opportunities to improve your riding, trot and canter on the flatter terrain around the ranch and enjoy the variety of amenities on offer before setting off into the scenic wilderness. 



Days 1 through 4 are the same as a regular ranch stay. 

Day 5 Mount a well trained and experienced horse in the morning and ride into the remote Absaroka Mountain range with a string of pack horses carrying all of the necessary food and supplies. By lunch time you will have left the last dirt road far behind as the route passes through alpine meadows filled with wildflowers, along sparkling mountain streams, and over mountain passes far above tree line with views that seem to stretch to eternity. Camp in the green meadows of Teepee Creek and enjoy your first dinner cooked over the wood fire. A meal made all the more delicious by an appetite built by the day’s adventures. 

Day 6 The camp will remain at Tepee Creek until the following day so you can ride out to explore this magnificent valley without the pack horses and venture high above the meadows to a high mountain pass with views stretching 90 miles. Large herds of elk are often seen at these elevations and the mountain vastness is at once humbling and exhilarating. In the afternoon the trail takes us back into the green meadows of Tepee Creek for a well earned dinner around the fire.

Day 7 Today you will ride back out of the wilderness towards the Bitterroot Ranch. The trail gradually takes you from the meadows and forests of the mountains into the foothills and sagebrush plains below. Dinner and overnight back at the ranch.

Day 8 Depart the ranch in the morning after breakfast.

**This itinerary may be modified to adapt to weather conditions, grazing quality, or other unforeseeable circumstances**