July Yoga & Horseback Riding Retreat

July 14 –  July 21 , 2019


We are excited to offer this combined Yoga and riding retreat for the third time at the ranch. Both disciplines enhance body awareness and flexibility and the symbiosis between the two provides a great holistic experience. Regardless of whether you come to the retreat with more Yoga or more riding in your background the retreat will prove to be a fun and enriching week.

Each day will combine Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga sessions led by instructor Olivia Hsu as well as exhilarating rides in the vast Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. There is also the option of a couple riding lessons if you would like to focus on improving your riding during the week. The Yoga practice is designed to wake the body up and begin to connect with the complete body with a focus on alignment and breath.

Meet your Instructor: Olivia Hsu

Olivia Hsu is a yoga practitioner with over 13 years of experience in the Asthanga vinyasa system along with being a sponsored climber. A climber, she first started yoga after a finger injury. She soon found the benefits of yoga and has never stopped practicing since! When she is not traveling, teaching and climbing she can be found teaching at Richard Freeman’s renowned studio The Yoga Workshop in Boulder Colorado.


Olivia has been featured on the cover of the leading Yoga Magazine and has written several articles on yoga for climbers. Olivia’s teachings draw from the knowledge of her own experience as a practitioner and teacher making yoga both accessible and non- intimidating to her students. She also has interest in cultivating the mindfulness that flows from a focused and continuous asana practice.Her teaching style comprises of intuitive hands-on adjustments, energetic alignment and bringing an internal awareness to the self. Olivia feels blessed to have had so many wonderful teachers and hope that she too can cultivate that appreciation of yoga with her students and carry on the thread of the Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage.

Olivia and the ranch Yoga Yurt

Olivia and the ranch Yoga Yurt

Yoga Retreat Detailed Itinerary

 Sunday July 14th:

-Arrive at the ranch between 2-6 and settle into your comfortable log cabin.

-Wine and appetizers at 6:30

Monday July 15th:

-7:30- 9:00 Breakfast made to order during this time period each day.

-9:30-11:30 Join practitioner Olivia Hsu for the morning yoga practice – this practice is designed to wake the body up and begin to connect with the complete body. We will practice postures from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system with a focus on alignment and breath.

-12:30 Gather at the main lodge for lunch

-Gather by the corral at 2:45 for an introduction to the wranglers and a short demonstration of the riding techniques used on the ranch. Mount up and ride to the ring for a brief evaluation to make sure you are well matched with your horse, tack, and fellow riders. After this session go on a trail ride in the scenic wilderness surrounding the ranch. There are endless interesting destinations with varied terrain to be explored and no ride will be repeated during your week long stay.

-6:00 Light yoga practice focusing on post riding stretching.

-Wine and appetizers at 6:30



Yoga in the ranch Yurt

Yoga in the ranch Yurt



Tuesday July 16th:

-Breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00

-Meet at the corrals at 9:15 for a morning ride or chose to take a lesson in centered riding techniques. During the lesson you will recognize the great symbiosis between balanced riding techniques and the body awareness brought by Yoga

-12:30 Lunch

-3:30 Meet at the Yurt to practice additional postures from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and build on your repertoire.


WednesdayJuly 17th:


-This morning you can choose between a trail ride or another lesson in the arena.

-12:30 lunch

-3:30 yoga session

Thursday July 18th:

-After breakfast we will do a picnic ride into the high mountains surrounding the ranch. We will take a long break in the wilderness for a Yoga / meditation break followed by a picnic lunch and the ride back to the ranch.

-6:00 light Yoga practice focusing on post riding stretching.





Friday July 19th:


-9:30 Yoga session

-In the afternoon we will move the ranch cattle and participate in a team sorting competition, a fun opportunity to utilize your new found riding skills with this old cowboy game!

Saturday July 20th:


-Morning ride

-Lunch at the ranch

-3:30 Yoga session

Sunday July 21st:

-Departure after breakfast and a sad farewell to new found friends.

*This itinerary is flexible. Changes may occur due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.