North Wyoming Attractions

Things to do in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons

grandtetonfall2-smallWyoming is home to one of the great natural treasures on our planet; Yellowstone Park. It was the first national park preserved by any country and remains the most famous. Despite its remote location, it has about 3 million visitors a year. Signs of volcanic action are everywhere and the fiery tumult of the earth’s interior is often close to the surface. Multiple geysers periodically spout huge quantities of steam and water into the air and there are thousands of ponds and springs where the water boils. Old Faithful consistently spews a spectacular plume over a hundred feet into the air every hour or so as it has done for unknown years.

Teton National Park

The breathtaking vista of the Snake River Valley with the steep chain of the snow clad Teton Mountains rising to such a great height so sharply behind is unquestionably one of the world’s most unforgettable and uplifting sights.

Wind River Indian Reservation

Wyoming has one of the largest Indian reservations in the US covering an area half the size of New Jersey. It occupies a large part of the Wind River Valley and the surrounding mountains with good farm land and excellent hunting and fishing.

0718-smallAbsaroka Mountains

Our ranch lies in the foothills of this massive mountain range which stretches all the way into Montana. The Absarokas are very different from the much older Wind River Mountains across the valley. They cover a larger area and are much easier to travel through by foot or on horseback. There are many large meadows and wide river valleys providing good habitat for wildlife and nutritious grass for livestock.

Wind River Valley

The Wind River rises on the Continental Divide and flows eastward on its long, circuitous journey to the Gulf of Mexico. It is fed by melting snow from the Absarokas to the north and the Wind River Mountains to the south. The river provides irrigation water to a large area turning arid, semi-desert green and making it possible to grow some of the finest alfalfa in the world. Its current moves fast in places and dawdles in others, creating habitat for an excellent trout fishery.

2539-smallWind River Mountains

We are fortunate to have a spectacular view of the Wind River Mountains across the valley from us. They tend to be solid granite which with steep cliffs and shallow top soil which provides comparatively little feed for grazing animals and is difficult for horses to negotiate. The rock is excellent for mountain climbers because it provides a safe purchase for pitons whereas the rock formations in the Absarokas often crumble easily.

0393-smallShoshone National Forest

The Shoshone National forest surrounds Dubois and borders our ranch. Much of the economic activity in the Upper Wind River Valley depends on this forest which extends to Yellowstone Park and is part of the largest wild ecosystem in the lower 48 states.