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What a thrilling experience! Your warm hospitality, cordial and attentive staff, beautiful and well behaved equines, all contained within a spectacular setting are things I’ll remember fondly forever. Jim Hoffman, FL

A most memorable experience in the company of wonderful hosts and their most efficient staff amid spectacular scenery. Their priority was for your enjoyment in every respect, but with the emphasis on safety and the welfare of their incredible selection of well trained horses. The drink and dining experience was far in excess of expectations and like each ride – seemed to get better. Jim and Jan Corbett, UK

These 7 days have surpassed my expectations and wildest dreams far more than my friends and family will ever know. Your ranch, your wranglers and staff are what every ranch should strive to be. Dennis Johnson, OH

Bitterroot Ranch got its grips around me and won’t let go (I still wake up wondering what you had for dinner and whether it rained or snowed). My stay is one of the most life-enriching experiences I have ever had. Tanis Salant, AZ

The country is spectacular, the horses well trained and reliable, the riding experience exciting, the accommodations are inviting, the food too good and the cocktail hour always welcome. Most of all it was wonderful to just have amazing fun with a bunch of like-minded folk as a guest of the caring, attentive, dedicated, lovely Fox family! Jenny Lem, Australia

Where to begin with expressing our gratitude? Our time at Bitterroot stands out as one of the most special weeks any of us has ever had and certainly as a family, a week will cherish always! You have created something special at Bitterroot! From you as such a fun, interesting, knowledgeable, lovely family, to your equally wonderful staff, to your amazing, happy horses, to the cozy cabins, wonderful food and the astonishingly spectacular setting, we could not have spent a week somewhere we enjoyed more.
Tara, Jim, Wyndom and Tori Chase, RI

Coming back to the Bitterroot is like coming home for me – despite such an uncertain and ever changing world it is comforting to have such a beautiful and magical place to escape to. Maryellen Fink, NY

Everyone at the Bitterroot knocks themselves out to make sure guests have a good stay, including offering individualized attention where you perceive a need. Jim and Joy Zimmerman, ID

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the ranch. It didn’t take us long to feel at home and become part of your culture – one rich in riding adventure and genuine appreciation for the well-being of horses. You challenged us with customized riding experiences on different mounts and unleashed our passion for the true bond a horse and rider can have. Only one word comes to mind – More! Lydia and Bob Feinburg, CT

We had an absolutely amazing time and it quickly became clear why guests return and why we have heard such extraordinary compliments of the ranch. Nat Hansen, OH

What a fantastic time we had at Bitterroot. It was wonderful in every way from the horses, the trail rides, the lessons and the cow sorting, to the beautiful views, the fabulous meals and the cozy cabins. Judy Erikson, MA

Horses during the day and a great cocktail hour to share stories, wonderful food and singing, laughing and being together after dinner. What could be better! Nina Black, DC

The ranch is beautiful! The riding experience lived up to your great reputation. The Fox family and the staff are friendly and welcoming. Sue and Paul Raab, CO

You have provided a place of generosity, hospitality, creativity and welcome. Gordon & Ros Oliver, UK

It was a trip of a lifetime. I left there a brand new person. Words cannot describe my experience or how great I felt. Stacy Hawkins, MD

Not only were the horses perfectly suited to my (non) ability, but their gentleness and reliability taught me so much. The ranch runs like a well-oiled machine! The staff is well trained and everyone works so hard. Mary Sherry, MN

Your service staff is the best I have ever been around. The food and lodging are top notch. Joanne Miller, PA

It was the best holiday I have ever had and I loved every minute spent there. I am torn between going back or experiencing somewhere new that has the same attitude to horses and nature. Sue Allen, UK

This holiday was so far and away beyond my most fanciful dreams that I cannot put proper words to it. You’ve created a relaxed peaceable kingdom while retaining a down to earth working cattle ranch and horse breeding farm. Ann Cole, VT

People who own horses and ride frequently should know that you can still be challenged. This experience increased my ability and gave me more confidence to go home with. At 48 I now realize after riding my whole life there is still a lot to learn. Sundy Martin, CT

The memory of Bitterroot has dwelled in my heart all year and transformed my life. The people, the horses, the magic of the ranch provided the passion, the confidence and the impetus to search out horses and horse people at home. Life has grown richer, bolder, funnier and more poignant as a result. The magic of Bitterroot remains powerful. Jody Maxmin, CA

The entire staff was extremely courteous and helpful. The setting is priceless, the horses gentle and well trained. Maciey Family, California

I’m very grateful for the quality of the horses I rode. All seemed very kind, gentle and intelligent. I’m well aware that one can spend a fortune on a bad vacation, and that having a good experience so often depends on the commitment and dedication and grace of the hosts. I can’t remember a better trip and I know it’s thanks to all of you. Kristiana Helmick, MA

The Bitterroot easily exceeded our expectations, absolutely fabulous! The rides were beautiful, wonderful and perfectly fast paced. Peter Breu and Susan Woods, NH

The riding was the most phenomenal we’ve ever had. We loved our choice of horses, they were all such big hearted, fun horses to ride. Every ride made a lasting impression; our walk on the secret path by the river, the fantastic prairie gallop, the roller coaster and the cross country course with Mel, the exhilarating canters on our way to Bone Lake with Bayard and our cattle drives with Richard. We thought it was pretty easy the first time we did it, but faced with 200 of them, scattered about the forest and needing to go up hill on our last day, we found out how much work goes into it. The riding made the holiday, but all the details made it the unforgettable experience – the beautiful log cabin, the inspired meals, the delicious wine and the great company. Laura and Michael Sherlin, UK

We tend not to repeat holidays as they can fail to live up to the original experience. This was an exception, even better than last year. Thank you for letting us share your wealth of scenery and horses. Claire and Don Pettingale, UK.

The riding was fantastic and the scenery spectacular. The food and accommodation was second to none and the wranglers helpful, friendly and generally excellent company. Matt James, UK

Perhaps the most enjoyable week we’ve ever spent as a family anywhere. Beautiful, well-mannered horses, very well matched to the ability and personality of the rider. Sympathetic and very capable wranglers. The best home cooking away from home! Great variety, well presented. Hamilton Family, Jersey, Channel Islands

The special place that is the Bitterroot is impossible to appreciate until you get there. The warm and friendly atmosphere, the majestic scenery, the wonderful and beautifully kept horses and the efficient, helpful and friendly team make this a special ranch. Andrew and Dee Kelly, UK

This was one of the best vacations I have had. The riding program – horses, trails, wranglers – exceeded anything I had expected. Great fun and I learned a lot. Mark Gochman, CA

I’ve had a wonderful time and the ranch is beautifully run, with fantastic horses, great rides, lovely food, kind and charming staff and fabulous hosts. Kate Johnson, UK