Summer Cattle Drive

Program Dates: June 30 – July 7, 2024
Program Cost: $2,800

Join us for an unforgettable ranch experience as we bring in our cattle across a vast landscape of remote wilderness.



The Bitterroot cattle spend the summer starting in July grazing on the adjacent national forest land. The summer drive week includes one day of pushing the herd to their grazing allotment, with additional opportunities for cow work during the week. The rest of the rides are spent on the trail in the spectacular landscape of this unique area.



Day 1, Sunday, June 27: Guests should plan to arrive between two and five in the afternoon allowing time to settle into your cabin before hors d’oeuvres and dinner.

Day 2, Monday, June 28: The week begins with an orientation and brief evaluation of riding skills followed by a short morning ride. Return to the ranch for lunch and siesta. The afternoon ride will head off in a different direction.

Day 3, Tuesday, June 29: A morning trail ride followed by a relaxing lunch at the ranch. The afternoon ride will head off in a different direction. In the afternoon head out on the trail for another taste of the varied mountain landscapes.

Day 4, Wednesday, June 30: Morning trail ride, followed by an afternoon team sorting competition, which enables you to develop the skills needed to move cattle.

Day 5, Thursday, July 1: Gather the herd and trail the cows and calves (around 450 head) into the Shoshone National Forest.

Day 6, Friday, July 2: Morning and afternoon varied trail rides, in the forest or plains. Experience the diversity of the vast open spaces of Wyoming.

Day 7, Saturday, July 3: Picnic ride into the forest, which for some groups will involve checking up on the cattle.

Day 8, Sunday, July 4: Breakfast and departure.


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