Fly Fishing

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After arriving at the ranch and settling into your cabin, you can step right out of the door, walk a few yards and begin fishing in the East Fork of the Wind River.

The water rushes out of a deep gorge above the ranch; the pools get bigger and the water moves more slowly as it passes through our two miles of private water before entering another gorge below. It is full of wild, unsophisticated cutthroat trout which take a well presented fly readily.

The riding and fishing were among the most memorable we’ve done and the setting is so beautiful. –Ed Colby and Jennifer O’Malony, CA

The East Fork River and its tributaries have been designated a catch and release area for cutthroat, Wyoming’s only native trout. It is now a self-sustaining population here thanks to the efforts of the Wyoming Game and Fish and Trout Unlimited.

In the past few years the Ranch has done extensive work in conjunction with the Wyoming G&F and TU to enhance trout habitat and improve the spawning potential in two small streams which traverse the property. This should further improve the phenomenal fishing in the coming years.


Watch a video produced by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department about fishing on the East Fork of the Wind River.

There are numerous other fishing opportunities to be had just a short drive away. The East Fork Basin above the upper gorge presents a long, wide valley where the river has more the character of a meadow stream. Nearby is the Wiggins Fork where one can also catch brown, brook, and rainbow trout as well as mountain whitefish. Ranch owner, Bayard Fox, is a keen fly fisherman and often joins guests on fishing expeditions both at the ranch and in the diverse selection of local rivers and lakes.
Fishing on the Wiggins Fork of the Wind River.

Read Bayard’s more in depth description of the ranch fishing opportunities.

For those who are daunted by the prospect of fishing for wild trout with a fly, we can provide lessons in casting. We have a stocked pond with rainbows, some over 3lbs., which will give you a great fight. This is a handy place for beginners to practice casting since there are few bushes nearby to get hung up on.

Read an article from 2016 about fishing at and around the ranch:

Written by two very experienced German fly fishermen who operate the Royal Fly Fishing Shop in Bavaria the piece gives extremely detailed information about the different fishing possibilities here and the techniques used for success.

*We usually have rods to lend and boots can be rented and fishing equipment bought in Dubois at Cutthroat Fly Shop.

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Those who come primarily to fish will have more flexibility in their fishing options by renting a car.