Arabian Horses For Sale

Arabian Horse Bloodlines and Environment

Arabian horses are recognized worldwide for their beauty and their unequaled stamina. At our Wyoming dude ranch, we also need steadiness and reliability. Crabbet and Spanish Arabian lines have worked best for us because they have been bred for generations to perform well as riding horses. We also like their calm temperaments and good size. All our Arabian mares are under saddle and when they do not have foals, they are out on the trails in tough terrain, working cattle and doing whatever is required of them.

We have been breeding Crabbet-related horses for years after making earlier forays into Egyptian and Polish lines. Our interest in Spanish Arabians originated from a visit to a well known stud farm in Spain in 2003. These horses have done well in Sporthorse Arab shows in the U.S. and we have been steadily building up our numbers of this line.

Our Arabian mares are all very people oriented, partly because they are also working horses. The foals grow up with a good attitude toward humans reflected by their dams and also because they have frequent visits from our guests during the summer. They run in large pastures and are outside in all weather 24 hours a day. After weaning the young ones live together and are exposed to varied terrain; streams, irrigated fields, mud, snow, rocks, deer and other wildlife. When they are brought in to be started at 4 they are familiar with the conditions in which they will later be ridden.

We do sell some horses occasionally and inquiries are welcome.