Pack Trips

For guests spending a week at the ranch participating in a three day pack trip offers a great opportunity to experience Wyoming’s spectacular wild land. For those seeking a complete wilderness experience the five night trip offers a true escape from civilization.

The Ranch borders the Shoshone National Forest which extends to the borders of Yellowstone National Park and is part of the largest wilderness area remaining in the lower 48 states. The best way to experience the full majesty of this country is by traveling on horseback with pack animals to set up camps in the heart of the wilderness. A cook and wrangler provide excellent service.

The route of your pack trip takes you over spectacular Wyoming mountain passes of between 11,000 and 12,000 feet and through pristine valleys with little human presence. The mighty rivers of America have their beginnings here as tiny springs. Each valley has its own distinct character with meadows of lupine in one and craggy cliffs in another. On longer pack trips we will camp in the same spot for two nights to allow guests to ride out for the day, hike, fish, or just relax. This wonderful adventure provides an opportunity to see the glorious, untamed western landscape which is unchanged since the early explorers found it.

We had a tremendous time on the trip! We rode wonderful horses, amid spectacular scenery and camped in real wilderness. It couldn’t have been better. Richard and the crew found that elusive balance between sensible safety and having a fun adventure. Chris Allen U.K.