Will I feel at home if I come as a single?  –  Many of our guests are single riders and they usually make friends quickly at the ranch.  Those who come here have much in common with one another and a shared love of horses is a great ice breaker.

What preparations should I make before coming?  – It helps to be in shape physically during your visit. Ride if you can, but if you can’t here are some exercises to help get you ready.

If I am not a very experienced rider, is this the right place for me?  –  Since we split our rides into four of five different groups according to skill, riders at any level can be accommodated.  Anyone who likes horses and wants to improve their riding skills is most welcome and should feel at home here.

If I have a spouse or friend who is not particularly interested in riding, will they be happy at the Bitterroot?  –  There are many non-riding activities at the ranch. People who are interested in hiking, fly fishing, or just reading and relaxing in beautiful Wyoming will enjoy themselves at Bitterroot Ranch. Our location just southeast of Yellowstone National Park is quite remote, however, so if they want many opportunities for shopping, tennis courts or a heated swimming pool, they will be disappointed.  There is a nine hole golf course 45 minutes away by car.

I have dietary restrictions.  Can you accommodate them?  –  The cuisine we serve at the ranch is extremely varied and vegetarians are usually comfortable with our normal menus. Our cooks are very happy to prepare special dishes if needed.

I have younger children who will not ride all day.  Will they enjoy themselves? – Most children are fascinated the foals, dogs and the many other domestic animals and birds we have here.  They are exhilarated by the sense of freedom and ability to wander anywhere without danger of traffic or strange people.  Many of them enjoy fishing. The wranglers will take them on short rides, but we do not have other special programs for children.  Arrangements can usually be made to get babysitters in the afternoons if they are needed.  We have a good selection of children’s books.

What should I pack for my vacation at the ranch? – Visit our detailed packing list page for advice on what to bring.

What is the best time to visit the ranch? – That depends on your interests and preferences. Here is an explanation of the seasons at the ranch.

I am interested in taking an international horseback riding vacation.  Is this a good place for me to prepare? – Absolutely; many of our guests have already been on trips around the world and others are considering them.  We can evaluate and improve your riding skills here and give you a good idea of what to expect on various trips. We also operate Equitours, a company specializing in international horseback riding vacations since 1978.