Yoga at the Ranch


The ranch “Yoga Yurt”

Hadley Fox offers several classes each week in the yoga yurt to any guests who wish to take part. The well-rounded, flowing classes she teaches take into consideration the muscles that are engaged when riding horses. The goal is to utilize legs, arms, core and back in a different way, as well as to stretch the muscles most heavily used when riding. Both riders and non-riders will enjoy the full-body focus of the classes. 

The ranch also offers more intensive yoga experiences with our yoga and riding clinics. Mark Holzman will be teaching both week long Yoga retreats this summer. 


Resident Yoga instructor Hadley Fox is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

Hadley has been practicing yoga daily since 2011. She was excited to bring yoga to the ranch with the construction of a dedicated yoga yurt. It is a beautiful and peaceful space to practice yoga with the natural light and the sound of the river. After teaching riding lessons at the ranch for many years, Hadley realized how well the physical practice of yoga would complement riding horses. The alignment one tries to achieve on the yoga mat is in line with the alignment one looks for in the saddle. Yoga can also help with the inevitable saddle soreness as well!

Hadley also felt that the philosophy of yoga blended well with the way the ranch is run—a focus on animal welfare, respect for the wild land around us, and a welcoming, kind atmosphere for guests and staff. She completed the Stephanie Snyder Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training through Love Story Yoga at the 200 hour level and received certification from Yoga Alliance® at the RYT® 200 level.