Naturally Raised Beef for Sale


The ranch has bred Scottish Highland Cattle for over 20 years. These cattle are hardy, thrifty and slower growing, which means more flavorful meat. Highland cattle have a long haired coat to shed rain and a short, furry undercoat to keep them warm. Due to this unusual hair combination they have very little back fat and the fat content of their meat is extremely low. Grass fed Highland meat analyzed by a commercial testing laboratory showed a cholesterol count of 23.4. This compares to 77.0 in lean red meat, 72.0 in chicken, 70.0 in venison, 50.0 in codfish and 40.0 in buffalo. Our animals are processed at about 24 months and are finished on home grown grass hay with a small ration of oats.

Whole $5.50 lb.
Half or quarter beef $6.00 lb.
Includes slaughter fee and cut and wrap charges. All meat has been inspected for resale.

“We purchased a half beef and I just have to tell you how much we enjoyed several different cuts. We had steak on Thurs. which I could cut with a fork and had a roast tonight that practically fell apart. Everything is so tender and tasty. My hubby says he has had beef all over the world and nothing compared to the taste and tenderness of yours. In his word “that’s just damned good”. Just wanted to say thanks for raising such incredibly delectable critters. Please convey to all involved, THANKS!” – Jodi Moll, Dubois, Wyoming