Fall Cattle Roundup

Each fall brings a unique experience because this is not a scripted and “created for entertainment” week. It is a legitimate roundup that entails searching for hundreds of cattle scattered across thousands of mountainous and forested acres. We need to gather these cattle off of the summer range before winter sets in and we can guarantee that the process will be an adventure but not a preplanned experience.

Sample Itinerary

“Getting into the thick of things”

Day 3 Mount up with a picnic lunch and set off into the national forest in search of cows. Castle Rock will be towering above all day. Far across the valley riders will see the perpetually snow-capped Wind River Mountains forming the Continental Divide.

Day 4 Head up to Alkali Basin and spend the day searching for cows that could be hidden in the high mountain meadows or aspen and pine forests of this lovely area.

Riding from valley to valley searching for herds.

Riding from valley to valley searching for herds.

Day 5 Back ride once again in search of missing cows. We will now be looking for fresh tracks in areas covered earlier in the week.