Heidi Potter Centered Riding®/Holistic Horsemanship Clinic

July 21 – July 28, 2019

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Clinician Heidi Potter

Clinician Heidi Potter

This clinic (taught by level three Centered Riding® instructor Heidi Potter) combines clear, gentle training techniques with Centered Riding® basics and philosophies for riders of all levels, from pleasure trail riders to accomplished competitors. Clinic mornings include ground exercises for the humans, followed by in-hand exercises with the horses. These sessions will focus on self-awareness, understanding body language (of human & horse) and the use of energy to communicate our desires. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons will be reserved for riding instruction under saddle. On Wednesday afternoon and all day Saturday guests will have a chance at practical application of the lessons learned as they enjoy scenic trail rides in the beautiful Wyoming countryside. Yoga sessions with ranch owner Hadley Fox will also be available during the clinic.

“Probably the most informative and in depth clinic that I have ever participated in. I have found a new understanding of the relationship between my horse, my body and my riding.”

By the end of the week this well rounded program will help participants improve their understanding of the horse, their confidence, their comfort, their communication skills and the overall relationship they share with their horse. We invite you to come to Wyoming and take part in an experience designed to give you the skills necessary to safely establish respect, confidence and trust with your equine partner.

Heidi Potter Clinic

“I liked the way the clinic and the trail riding complemented one another, particularly toward the end of the week. I liked the focus on the basics, which can get overlooked but make a big difference for riders at all levels. Heidi was able to tailor the clinic to the interests of the group; and I really loved the groundwork, specifically the fact that we could see results so quickly and the way it profoundly affected my relationship with the horse.”


Sunday: Arrival in the afternoon.

Morning Workshops Monday – Friday 9:00 -10:30

Each day starts with a session designed to improve body and mind awareness. The first step towards improved riding.

Heidi Potter Clinic

Exercises include:

  • Breathing exercises to release tensions, increase strength, improve clarity and re-balance the mind & body.
  • Learning skills that will lead to more quiet, clear communication on the ground and under saddle.
  • Self Awareness Exercises to improve overall body language and awareness.
  • Horse Psychology and how we affect our horses mental, physical and emotional state.
  • Learning to blend energies to avoid resistance.
  • Centering & Grounding exercises to access the strength from your center and improve stability in the saddle.

Comparing Notes

Morning Groundwork with Horses Monday – Friday 11:00-12:30

Learn how to progress from halter work to liberty play by using clear, calm, consistent communication.

Participants will experiment guiding their horses through body language, breath, energy and the most subtle of cues. Lessons will include improving the timing of requests, understanding how and when to ask for more and knowing when to quit. The main goal is to maintain a calm and positive learning experience for the horse and the human, leading them to a more safe and enjoyable relationship.

Nevada before

Before and after photos of Nevada, a problem bridler.

Nevada After

Isn’t life so much easier this way?

Afternoon Riding Instruction Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-5:00

position pointersExercises to improve riding both in the ring and on trail:

  • Transitions through use of breath, turning from your center, rising trot with ease, improving rhythm and freedom of movement.
  • Exercises for releasing tensions, increasing comfort and improving communication.
  • Grounding exercises to improve stability.
  • Developing a more sensitive “feel” on the reins to improve softness and reduce resistance in the bridle.
  • Exercises to improve overall balance of horse and rider.
  • Practice navigating trail obstacles.

Friday afternoon will involve a friendly team sorting competition. This is a great way to put what you have learned during the course of the week to practicle use.

Wednesday afternoon and all day Saturday will be a break from the clinic and a chance to trail ride through the country surrounding the ranch.

The two trail rides will allow you to put into practice the new skills learned over the course of the week and will give you a chance to take in the magnificent wide open spaces that Wyoming has to offer.

Sunday: Departure after breakfast.