Bayard’s Long Awaited Memoir is Published!

The generation of young men who grew up in the shadow of World War II but were too young to fight came of age idealizing patriotism and adventure. They burned to  live life to the fullest and to do their part in the Cold War.

In 1951, when Bayard Fox graduated Yale, the CIA promised a unique opportunity to do both. Assigned to  Europe, the Congo and Iran, even working as a double agent, Fox, who spoke several languages and was always game  to learn new ones, grew disillusioned and quit. Soon after, a horse he was riding  cartwheeled on him, shattering his hip. After swimming and diving and organizing  local fishermen in the Solomon Islands for two years, he was able to walk and ride  again. Fox bought a ranch in the mountains of Wyoming, 17 miles from the nearest  paved road and telephone, and set out with his family on his life’s work – a  sustainable, benevolent, ethical relationship with nature and other people.  

This eloquent and brave autobiography of a solitary pioneer evokes those of other  men on horseback, such as T.E. Lawrence and Teddy Roosevelt, whose dazzling  physical exploits and success in battle made them legendary in their lifetimes, apart  from the historical roles for which we remember them. Fox, at 92, reveals a similarly  rich life of impossible adventures – and of hardships mastered by grit and  mysterious good fortune – in his own spare and unsparing voice. You’ll be riveted,  grateful to discover it before he and his generation’s other remaining survivors ride  ahead over the last ridge.

 FISHERMAN, RANCHER, HORSEMAN, SPY is available on Amazon. An audio version narrated by Bayard should be out soon. Have you already read the book? Please leave a review.