Clinician Donna Snyder-Smith’s Must Have Book for Endurance Riders

“The Complete Guide to Endurance Riding and Competition”

bookcovr1Donna Snyder-Smith’s book offers training insights and insider information on the new and dynamic sport of endurance riding. It is a valuable resource for pleasure, competitive trail, and experienced endurance riders alike. Non-riders (family or friends), who have volunteered or been drafted to serve in the capacity of “crew” will find the special tips in the chapter devoted to art of comfortable crewing tremendously helpful.

The book addresses the ground breaking concepts of rider balance and the gymnastic training of the horse in the overall success of the long distance team. Its common sense approach to conditioning, feeding, tack and equipment and the mental preparation of both the horse and rider lays a foundation for a long and successful association with endurance riding whether your goals are just to finish (enjoying the trail) or the adrenalin high of an all out race to the finish line.

Do you know that most horses have poor posture when ridden?

pagesDo you know that poor posture undermines

1) Safety?
2) Soundness?
3) Control?
4) Comfort?
5) Performance?

Do you know the natural aids?

1) Seat
2) Weight
3) Legs
4) Hands
5) Voice


Do you know when you train a horse, you are using your aids to:
Control speed and direction — BUT YOU MUST ALSO direct the horse’s selection of the muscle groups it uses to animate its skeleton, to influence its “carriage” or posture?

Do you know horses are “trained” when their response to the rider’s aids is consistent (habitual)?

Do you know successful training makes the desired response stronger than an emotional choice?

Do you know if you can’t control the horse emotionally, you don’t own the horse physically?

Do you know when you can shape (not just confine) the horse physically, you can control their emotional energy?

Donna Snyder-Smith, gives you an understandable map for traveling toward your equine performance goals.

Donna’s book, “The Complete Guide to Endurance Riding & Competition,” is available from, a local book store or your tack shop. If you would like an autographed copy, send check or money order payable to Donna Snyder-Smith for $31.95 U.S. or $42.95 Canadian (includes shipping/handling). Mail to the address listed in the contact information.

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