Our Location In Wyoming

IMG_0592The Bitterroot Ranch is located in northwest Wyoming’s Wind River valley in an area of vast expanses, attractive scenery and very few people!  The ranch is almost 30 miles from the nearest small town and is nestled between the Shoshone National Forest, part of the largest wilderness ecosystem in the contiguous US and a large area protected by the state of Wyoming for wildlife habitat. This setting offers you an exceptional variety of  terrain, fantastic vistas, and an escape from the pressure and stress of everyday life.

The ranch is ideally located for exciting and varied horseback riding. Some trails wind through cottonwood and spruce trees along the river; others take you through the sagebrush of the high plains desert, where the sandy soil provides good footing for spirited canters. Still others climb up through aspen groves, which become a glorious gold in the fall. In the high country, the rugged pine clad mountains of the Shoshone National Forest give way to Alpine meadows.

mapAlthough riding is the main focus at the ranch, the location is also ideal for fly fishing, hiking and relaxing and there are many nearby attractions, including Yellowstone and Teton National Park. We look forward to hosting you in this beautiful corner of the world.

Visit our Getting to the Ranch page for more information on the ranch location and how to get here.