April 2008

newsletter-mountainsIt has been a long, cold winter in Wyoming and we haven’t seen the last of it yet. The good thing about this is that there has been more snow than we have had for years, which will bring back the wild flowers this spring. One heavy snowstorm came with a strong wind which resulted in huge drifts all over the ranch; we had to get in a snowplow one day and backhoe the next, just so that we could get around to feed the animals.

Our poultry, especially the peacocks, who persist in roosting outside all winter long, have been decimated by a bobcat. Mel saw it one evening and the dogs gave chase, but unfortunately the bobcat was not intimidated. Attempts to trap it have failed, but it has been slowed down for the moment with a radio playing in the barn all night and the remaining peacocks have removed themselves to the large spruce trees across the river.

newsletter-peacockA handyman has been working hard this winter on spiffing up the lodge; sanding the hardwood floors, remodeling bathrooms and installing an acoustical ceiling in the dining room.

Spring will be here soon and we look forward to many more good times with you all in 2008!