April 2011


Wyoming Game and Fish personnel with a tranquilized grizzly on the ranch.

Synchronized calving is a defense mechanism for prey species, such as the wildebeest in East Africa. The peak calving time for elk here is Memorial Day week-end. The ranch is lucky enough to be surrounded by elk calving grounds, which makes for fascinating rides during this time. We frequently come across new born babies and their concerned mothers. Last year we rode up on a grizzly sow and cub. Luckily they were even more scared of us than we were of them and quickly made themselves scarce. We have now started foaling during this time. After losing a foal to a grizzly last year in early May we are hoping the bears will be otherwise occupied.

All in all, this is an exciting time to visit the ranch, and a lovely time too, with the trees bursting into leaf and the wildflowers beginning to bloom. We have had a particularly cold winter with more precipitation than normal, so the phlox and larkspur should be stunning then. There is newfoalplenty of space left and with a 20% discount we hope that some of you will come to share this unique experience.