November 2010

gatherWinter arrived all of a sudden last week after a long, glorious Indian summer, which was much appreciated by participants in the cattle roundup. We had quite an international crew (Australia, England, Scotland and France) as well as our core of trusty cowhands who keep coming back. The wolves made the gather more difficult by chasing all the cows onto the Indian Reservation, but in the end we were missing just one cow and four calves, who were probably killed.

We were rather under siege from predators this year and two grizzlies were trapped by the Game & Fish after they had killed a foal, a llama and three sheep. The poultry are now all fenced in permanently, due to numerous losses last winter from coyotes and bobcats.

We are again offering a 20% discount if you book for 2011 before the end of the year. Some weeks are already quite full including the July 1 cattle drive and September 24 roundup. We had another great summer with inspiring clinicians, fun on the trails, good food and fellowship and fantastic fishing. Hopefully we will ride with many of you again in 2011.