Foal Surprise

Life is full of surprises. We bought Aspen, a sweet Quarter Horse mare, last summer. In the fall, her belly ballooned, and I was worried she was in foal and about to have a baby. We brought her in, but nothing changed, so we turned her back out. Months passed, she stayed the same, and we thought maybe this is just how she winters on our rich pastures! A few mornings ago, we went out to feed and found this little surprise, a strawberry roan colt. It was a stressful morning getting him in safely, since the main herd was fascinated by a baby in their midst. Mother and son are now nestled in a stall.

Please help us with name suggestions! So far we have:

Sir Prize



Sopris (which is a beautiful mountain near actual Aspen)

Fresa (strawberry in spanish)



Thanks for all of the great name suggestions! It was tough but we decided on…