The Tetons

2262-smallThe breathtaking vista of the Snake River Valley with the steep chain of the snow clad Teton Mountains rising to such a great height so sharply behind is unquestionably one of the world’s most unforgettable and uplifting sights. There are countless trails for hikers and many challenging ascents for mountain climbers to say nothing of the world class skiing possibilities. A float trip down the meandering Snake River beneath the mountains where wildlife like moose, bear and bald eagles are frequently seen is an unforgettable experience.

grandtetonfall1-smallNative Americans had been visiting the Jackson Hole area for countless millennia, but apparently it was unknown to Europeans until after 1800. What attracted the nomadic Indians was the abundant wildlife, especially the buffalo and elk, but they usually sought more temperate winter quarters as Jackson winters can be fierce. In the early 1800s trappers began to arrive in this productive hunting ground, mainly in search of beaver for which there was a great demand in Europe at the time. Many of these were French which is why the place names around Jackson are often in that language. The name of the mountain range itself comes from the French word for nipple of which the shape of the peaks reminded them.

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