November 2011

cowsThe last two cows and their calves finally came home a month after we first started gathering. The weather continued fairly warm through most of October and missing cows trickled out of the forest. We also tried long horse and 4 wheeler rides outside our permit area and found a few. The end count was 3 missing calves presumed dead, which is much better than the last few years. The Fish and Wildlife Service removed two wolves that had killed a calf of neighbor John Finley’s in April and this, together with the problem ones taken out last year has made all the difference.

azuleIn spite of the fact that 3 male grizzlies were released up our valley in May, we had little problem with bears this summer. We were aware of their presence, but with the sheep, llamas and poultry now barricaded into electrified fortresses and the cows mostly in the forest, there is little to attract them here since they rarely attack horses. Lauren, a wonderful guest from Colorado, who stayed in June, returned in September with Azule, a charming grey/white llama, so that Tardy Girl is no longer on her own with the sheep; daughter Fluff-puff was killed by a grizzly last year

We are settling into our winter routine curled up by our wood burning stove, thinking ahead to next year and hoping to share good times with many of you again. Remember if you book before the end of the year, you receive a 20% discount..