March 2010

Dec09-002The latest arrivals at the Bitterroot include a small herd of Navajo-Churro sheep. They have quite strong characters and terrified the poor llamas when they first arrived. They were used to a guard llama and were bound and determined to attach themselves to our resident pair, who wanted nothing to do with them and were galloping all over the corral trying to get away. Finally the bemused sheep got tired and they are all slowly adjusting to life together. The sheep have the most beautiful wool in all sorts of different shades and we are hoping to produce saddle blankets for ourselves and for sale.
SheepJan09-011For the last couple of years we have lacked a good bull to use on our Scottish Highland cows. We decided to take the plunge and attend the auction at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. To our delight we were able to acquire the intermediate champion Highland bull, who not only has an impressive pedigree and great conformation, but is also incredibly gentle.