October 2009

feedingcattleAfter a very long two weeks we have finally been able to ship our cattle to the lower ranch and the calves to market, but not before the loaded trucks had to be hauled out of the mud with a grader! The first part of roundup week was positively balmy, which made riding a pleasure, but the cows were difficult to flush out of the cover. It then suddenly turned very cold and we couldn’t find them as they hunkered down in thick brush and woods. We kept searching after the guests had left and it was only the continuing snow storms that finally brought them out of the forest. Incredibly, all but two calves made it back to the ranch; a long lost bull we hadn’t seen all summer turned up one snowy day in the stack yard. We then faced the problem of feeding them all and had to make numerous trips with a truck and trailer to collect the two and a half tons of hay they consumed daily.
We had a rewarding summer with a good staff and greatly appreciated all the lovely people who came to ride with us. Please note the 20% discount on next year’s rates for deposits received in 2009.