April 2009

Driving-Black-Cows-275 RFD TV has just aired a film produced by Best of America by Horseback featuring the Bitterroot cattle drive into the National Forest last July. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to this magnificent country and that people realize we are caring custodians of it. This year we will be going all the way into the East Fork Basin with the cows. It will be a long, hard day and if there are any of you out there who would like to help, your presence would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately the wolves have historically denned in this area and will have hungry young pups in July. The arrival of all these cows will be an unexpected treat for them so much of our time and energy that month will be devoted to riding through the herd, trying to make sure not too many get eaten. We saw two wolves by our house a couple of weeks ago and at first glance mistook the big, black one for a moose. They are certainly a most formidable predator.

theranchWe are feeling rather under siege here with three sheep being taken from their pen by coyotes and the first bear of the season checking things out around the barn. On a lighter note, the blue birds are back, the ground squirrels are emerging from hibernation and the green grass is shooting up after all the spring moisture.